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Are you studying your family history or conducting genealogical research? Then, My Family Tree will make your work easier. The free genealogy software is specially designed to help users quickly create their family trees, whether they are experienced genealogists or new to the field.
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My Family Tree featured a simple and intuitive graphical user interface that made it easy to enter and view various details for different family members. The free genealogy software allowed us to visualize details in a variety of formats depending on the details we wanted to focus on.

We could easily start building a family tree from scratch or import existing data in GEDCOM format. The program allowed us to include different details about the family members we added, such as their relationships, genetics, stories, images, audio, video, and other general attachments.

We could add even more information in the ‘Details’ section, including names, description, dates of birth and death if applicable, date of confirmation, nationality, education, title and social security number, among others.

My Family Tree

The software allowed us to specify more details in the given parts. For example, we could specify different types of relationships such as the former or current spouse and the natural, foster or adopted child. There was an “unrelated” option where we could add people like witnesses or friends.

We could add photos from different sources including scanners and then do basic editing functions like rotate and fade to sepia.

My Family Tree

My family tree gave us various configuration options. For example, we could show only immediate family members, those born after a particular date, or all generations. We might also only display the story of a particular family member. Other options allowed us to hide family members like siblings, ancestors and descendants as well as details like dates, sexes and photos.

The Statistics function allowed us to get detailed information about family members. Looking only at marriage, for example, we could see the number of marriages, age at first marriage, and years of marriage. The statistics window had several tabs showing various interesting facts and graphs. The Summary tab allowed us to see at a glance the respective numbers of different details like number of people, generations and total of recorded events.

My family tree included different tools. For example, the relationship calculator allowed us to determine the relationship between two family members, and we could swap the results to see how each related to the other.

My Family Tree

We could save our details in PDF or image format. Alternatively, we can print them as a large multi-page mosaic graphic.


My Family Tree is an intuitive and versatile free genealogy software that lets you include lots of details. It includes an encryption feature that allows you to keep your data private.

My Family Tree

File Size:  7.9MB

License:   FREE

Publisher:  Publisher

Required configuration

  • Windows XP or later operating system
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 or higher
  • At least 10 MB of free hard disk space
  • At least 512MB of RAM
  • Display resolution of at least 800 x 600

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